2016 Reading Goal

  1. To read 60 books

In 2015 I read 5o books and completed the challenge right in time for the new year. This year I want to push myself a little and read 60 books even more would be great.

2. Read 5 or more books a month

Usually I read 8 books a month, but I have been so busy I have been reading only 3 and that bothers me so much. I am going to try and plan out an hour or more each day for reading so I can read a lot of amazing books.

3. Post on this blog more

I have had this blog for almost a year and only have like 4 posts!! I want to start posting two or three blogs a week.

4. Do the 52 book challenge

On Goodreads there is a group that is doing a challenge to read 52 books in 2016 in specific categories. I would really like to complete this challenge. Follow me on Goodreads @readbymaddie to see how I am doing.

5. Post everyday on my bookstagram

I have been really good about doing this lately, but then there will just be a time where I don’t post for a week and that is unfair to my followers and myself.

6. Hit 1k on Instagram

I have been wanting to hit 1,000 followers on Instagram for a long time, and I am about 350 followers away. I would really like to reach this goal by my 1 year on bookstagram anniversary in May.



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